New collection for brain disorders!

My upline are attending the Young Living Essential Oils Convention in Utah this week. One of my upline just released this: Collection for brain disorders! Also a supplement called Mindwise! These are the new oils and supplement that has been introduced for Autism. I am so excited about this! 


Great Accomplishments for our family with Young Living Essential Oils!!!!

We have had more great accomplishments from Josiah the past couple of weeks! He told his therapist: “Get off, Go home” twice! He rides a horse for therapy and wanted to get off and go home! She was so excited, as were we! He also told my oldest daughter: “I Love You” This next one had us all in tears! He said: “Daddy, I Love You!” He also did the sign that his therapist taught him for bathroom. Sure enough after he signed that he wet his Goodnight! He said his speech therapist’s name. When she asked him if he was done, he said: “yeah.” He also pointed to 2 PECS cards to answer her questions. I will always be grateful for Young Living Essential Oils and what they have done for our Son and our whole family!

As some of you may know I had a partial Hysterectomy in 2009 and a full Hysterectomy in 2012. After my full Hysterectomy I did not want to take HRT. Young Living Essential Oils have helped me stay HRT free. I was using Progessence Plus and that has helped me so much with all the symptoms. I just started using Joy oil 2 weeks ago and the results I have had are amazing! Joy oil has really lifted my spirits and I have had a much more pleasant attitude! My husband even commented on it! I was mad at him for something and usually I stay mad for a while. Within 5 minutes I was no longer mad and was actually being nice to him! Joy oil plus Progessence Plus is a great combination for my symptoms! Young Living has been a huge blessing for our family!

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The Accidental Paycheck

I started Young Living in February 2013 to try to get help with Josiah’s severe PICA. It was then I was introduced to the oils that had been known to help some on the autism spectrum. Josiah is a completely different child a year later. I started helping others learn about the oils and a healthier way for themselves and their families. I now receive “The Accidental Paycheck” every month. I get back what I spend on Josiah’s NingXia Red and oils every month and then some. It has helped me pay a bill, buy groceries, gas, clothes for the kids, etc. The most exciting thing I was able to do due to my “Accidental Paycheck” was allow my Husband and my oldest Daughter to go see Third Day in concert! They love Third Day and they had such a great time! It really has helped bring some extra income into my family. If you are interested in earning an “accidental paycheck” please watch the video and contact me. Watch the video here: The Accidental Paycheck

Vocal at his Doctor’s Appointment!!!!

My son being vocal at his doctor’s appointment this morning. It is toward the middle to the end that he gets vocal. His Doctor was so impressed with how calm, focused, and vocal he was. She asked me if I was medicating him now. I said no. I told her I was using Young Loving Essential Oils and NingXia Red on him. She thought I was medicating him and that is why he was so calm. She was very impressed with his improvement and was shocked that it was all due to the oils. She was able to listen to his lungs and check his ears! She had never been able to so they before! It was a great visit!

Dentist Visit!!!!

My son did so well at the dentist last week! He sat on the chair by himself this time! He has never done that before. Once he got seated he put his arms behind his head. It was cute. He has come so far since I started using Young Living Essential Oils and NingXia Red! He has a great Dentist also! I never thought Josiah would be able to see a Dentist and get his teeth cleaned. His Dentist is a blessing and has a amazing gift with special needs children. After his Asthma appointment yesterday I started thinking about how it was before Young Living. I do no ever want it to go back that way.  Not only is Young Living allowing us to live a healthier life, it also is providing extra income for our family. That really helps at times! So by me choosing a healthier way for my son, helping others choose a healthier way for their children and themselves, I am being helped a little financially. Please if you are interested in learning about the oils for your family and maybe earning income as well please send me a message! Josiah and Dr. Vaughn